Join a small group of photographers to work on your personal branding.

As a mention in my book, personal branding is a marathon.

This 90-day sprint will get you out of first gear immediately, and makes you a front-runner in the marathon of personal branding.

We spend 90 days together, in a small group of maximum 10 photographers.

In 12 weeks we will build your personal branding as a photographer.

You’ll learn:

How to identify and find your audience
How to change your website and its copy to make it relatable to your clients, and make them feel they came to the right place.
How to create the content that resonates with your audience.
How to embed a content creation workflow into your business to never be shy of anything to share in the future, and create a content driven mindset.

During weekly 90 minute calls we will help you kick-start your marathon in personal branding, and give you all the tools to help you keep going afterwards.

The 90-Day Sprint happens twice a year, and is limited to 10 photographers.

The 90-Day Sprint takes serious commitment for both you and me.

Maurice Jager will be working with a small group of 10 photographers.
We will keep each other accountable to keep up the pace. There is no waiting for people who fall behind.

Your Investment

Besides the 90-minute weekly calls, you will need to invest 4 hours a week to work on the assignments.

The next 90-Day Sprint starts on May 6, 2021

90-Day Sprint

Included in the program are at least the following topics:

  • The concept of Personal Branding
  • Identify your current audience, their goals and expectations
  • Website scan and feedback
  • Learn which platforms and websites are your best bets to share your stories
  • The ‘Chapters’ of my brands story
  • Introducing the Story Monitor
  • Structure your website and content to create the narrative and navigation for your audience
  • How to use the language your audience understands, by using their words.
  • We’ll create a small, medium and large bio with everyone for website and social media
  • Which pages you’ll need to set you up for success
  • Create loads of content based on the 6 chapters
  • Learn who you’re actually talking to
  • Which content works best for your audience?
  • What platform is best for your engagement?
  • How to better embed the content creation in your workflow
  • Creating a content driven mindset
    and much more!

The fee for the 90-Day Sprint is 3 monthly payments of $550 or a one-time fee of $1500.


This 90-Day Sprint is a weekly 90-minute Zoom meeting with a maximum of 10 photographers.

You will get access to the materials you need each week before the calls to work on during the week.

We will be live with the small group of photographers every Monday to talk about last week’s assignment, and to get you all set up for that week’s assignment.

Zoom meetings will be recorded and available to you after the meeting. However, you’ll lose the opportunity to ask questions live. A forum is available for questions outside the meetings.

By entering the 90-Day Sprint, you’re committed to working within a small group of photographers to improve your personal brand as a photographer. 

There is no refund policy. When you’re in, you’re in. It doesn’t seem fair to other photographers who have missed their slot to step away from this. I need you to commit 100% to make this work.

All signups are final.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have by emailing me at [email protected]