LinkedIn for Photographers


…but no one ever explained to you how to actually use the platform in a way that helps you become visible to the right people with valuable content.

That stops today!


We’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot from these experiences while growing our visibility on LinkedIn for our own photography businesses.

And now, we want to share all the amazing tactics and strategies we’ve learned with YOU!

We’ve created an all-encompassing program that elevates professional photographers abilities on LinkedIn from novice to expert-level!

We’ve created this course based not only on our own experiences, but also the lessons shared by LinkedIn influencers around the world who are hired by LinkedIn to educate professionals on effectively leveraging the platform.

We’re excited to offer you the FIRST LINKEDIN FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS training program!

This LINKEDIN for photographers training program is one of a kind.

We take you through all the steps; from setting up your profile to developing a strategy on what to share.

LinkedIn is the platform to develop new client relationships, and you’ll learn how to take charge of your photography business by taking advantage of the massive opportunity that LinkedIn offers you by getting in front of the right people that actually need your service.

This gives you the opportunity to BE IN CHARGE of booking your own clients!

With over 5 HOURS OF VIDEOS and 15+ ARTICLES of content we got you covered!



Rather than spend your time building funnels, or Facebook Ads and playing the waiting game, take charge of your business by taking advantage of the massive opportunity that LinkedIn offers you by getting in front of the right people that actually need your service.

This gives you the opportunity to BE IN CHARGE of booking your own clients!

Doesn’t that sound WAY BETTER than just spending hundreds of dollars on ads that really don’t convert while you pray for people to actually book you?

By leveraging these PROVEN strategies, tactics and the technology that actually yields results, you can keep that money in your pocket and still be as successful as you deserve to be!

One-Time Purchase, Immediate Access



Included in the program are the following topics:

  • Your name on LinkedIn
  • Your headshot on LinkedIn
  • Your LinkedIn headline
  • Keywording and format your LinkedIn headline
  • Smashing your summary
  • Benefit from the character limitations in your summary
  • Add visual content to your LinkedIn summary
  • Who can see your connections; only you vs. your connections
  • Viewers of this LinkedIn profile also viewed
  • The importance of using LinkedIn in english
  • LinkedIn ranking: The art of repetition
  • Your public profile url
  • Add links to your most important websites
  • Make sure your contact info is current
  • Keyword your job title and work experience
  • Make your profile about who you serve.
  • The most important couple hundred pixels on LinkedIn to build your network
  • Your connections vs your network
  • The importance of adding all your emails
  • Importance of network size
  • Always add a personal note
  • Use the QR code when connecting in person or add it to your email
  • Using the nearby feature
  • Use your lock screen as a lead grabber
  • What the hell am I supposed to write about for LinkedIn
  • Where to “mine” idea nuggets
  • How to organize and keep track of your idea nuggets
  • How do you connect emotionally with your audience
  • Nuance > norm
  • Leverage your past work history in a way that relates to your audience
  • Write to one person and not to everyone that has a pulse!
  • How to create consistently awesome testimonials
  • How to leverage written testimonials
  • How to leverage video testimonials
  • Leveraging “informal” testimonials
  • What the hell is a quote post?
  • Create a quote post format
  • What am I doing with this idea nugget?
  • The benefits of repurposing your content
  • Illustrate your process

If you want to learn more about John, go check out John’s website on Branded Lifestyle Photography here.

  • Using the three definite content categories
  • What is OPC and how to use it?
  • When to best post your content
  • The first hour
  • How you can post links to go off LinkedIn without losing reach
  • The best image dimensions in posts
  • Scheduling your content for free
  • How to automatically create a content library
  • LinkedIn pulse. What’s the point?
  • Create a company page and link the job title to it.
  • How to comment on posts as a company page
  • How to make LinkedIn work for you
  • The four categories you want to use to organise your audience
  • How to filter your feed to find specific topics based on your personas
  • How to monitor peoples activity without you becoming a stalker
  • Find leads through comments on your connections posts
  • Wrap-up video

Over 3.5 hours of bonus videos with real-life discussion with industry influencers, real-life examples and success stories.

One-Time Purchase, Immediate Access




This LINKEDIN FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS training is available as a one-time, immediate download. This is not a physical product.

You will receive a personalized link in your LINKEDIN FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS confirmation email, that allows you to download the online program locally to your devices or cloud storage. That link is available to you indefinitely.

This only means there’s so much to benefit from your LINKEDIN FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS training program! Our curriculum is one-of-a-kind. The content is geared to both young photographers and seasoned professionals alike. All of the content is in-depth and easy to follow along, no matter what your experience level is at this point.

Unfortunately, i do not have a refund policy. All purchases are final.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have by emailing me at [email protected]

One-Time Purchase, Immediate Access