Personal Branding for Photographers - B&H Event Space

Personal Branding for Photographers - B&H Event Space

Success doesn’t come overnight, especially in these dire times with Covid-19. As a photographer, you need equipment and need to learn your camera settings and techniques. While it’s essential to have the right gear and know how to use it, it’s equally important to know how to present your expertise to attract your ideal clients. That’s where Personal Branding for Photographers comes into play!

“Ultimately, only one person determines your personal brand and that is you.” – Maurice Jager

Maurice will share how he has built his businesses, how to find clients and separate himself from other photographers in his market. He will also share the experiences he creates for those he serves and the deciding factors for the success he achieved.


It has been on Maurice Jager’s goal list to speak at the B&H event space about Personal branding for Photographers.

With Covid-19 changing the world, his talk moved to an online version. 

With over 5.5K people watching his Personal Branding for Photographers at B&H talk, it was even more impressive than filling the room at the B&H store.

In this 1 hr presentation, Maurice shares some of his tactics to build his own Personal Brand as a photographer. 

There’s plenty of wisdom nuggets to apply to your own photography personal brand today!
(Feel free to steal those nuggets! 😉 )

Check out the video below, and feel free to leave a comment.

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