Learn how to boost your photographer brand.

  • What if you shared your expertise and personal story in a way that matters to your audience?
  • What if you positioned yourself as the go-to photographer authority in your community?
  • What if you had an opportunity to learn insights from 10 internationally leading photographers?

This book helps you to be you, attracts people who would love to work with you, and grows your online presence with confidence.

Includes interviews with:

Adrian Sommeling
Clay Cook
Dani Diamond
Emily Teague
Glyn Dewis
Humberto Tan
John DeMato
Peter Hurley
Tony Taafe
Pratik Naik

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Personal Branding for Photographers Book Cover



$249per year
Weekly check-in / Q&A session
Weekly Clubhouse calls + recordings
Access to past virtual summit recordings
Membership to the VIP Facebook Group
Exclusive discounts from our partners
Free ticket for future virtual summits which happen bi-annual.
Monthly video interviews with photographers and experts
Access to LinkedIn for Photographers track included



Join a small group of photographers to work on your personal branding.

As a mention in my book, personal branding is a marathon.

This 90-day sprint will get you out of first gear immediately, and makes you a front-runner in the marathon of personal branding.

We spend 90 days together, in a small group of maximum 10 photographers.

In 12 weeks we will build your personal branding as a photographer. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify and find your audience
  • How to change your website and its copy to make it relatable to your clients, and make them feel they came to the right place.
  • How to create the content that resonates with your audience.
  • How to embed a content creation workflow into your business to never be shy of anything to share in the future, and create a content driven mindset.

During weekly 90 minute calls we will help you kick-start your marathon in personal branding, and give you all the tools to help you keep going afterwards.

The 90-Day Sprint happens twice a year, and is limited to 10 photographers.

The 90-Day Sprint takes serious commitment for both you and me.

Maurice Jager will be working with a small group of 10 photographers.
We will keep each other accountable to keep up the pace. There is no waiting for people who fall behind.

Your Investment

Besides the 90-minute weekly calls, you will need to invest 4 hours a week to work on the assignments.

The fee for the 90-Day Sprint is 3 monthly payments of $550 or a one-time fee of $1500.

The next 90-Day Sprint starts on May 6, 2021

90-Day Sprint


GamePlan your Brand

GamePlan your Brand

The one-on-one session with Maurice Jager to create a gameplan for your next Personal Branding moves.

  • 60 minutes one-on-one online
  • We create your strategy for the next year with your Personal Brand
  • We create a narrative around your brand to leverage in your social media content and website copy.
  • Highly personalized strategy session


Personal Branding for Photographers E-book

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Product Details

Everybody seems to be a photographer these days and there, undoubtedly, is an abundance of beautiful photographs nowadays. For professional, and aspiring photographers, it can be a daunting task to stand out from the crowd and grab an audience’s attention. However, the good news is that there are possibilities to reach an audience and gain a following.

Photographer Maurice Jager is an internationally-renowned headshot and portrait photographer. He has developed a method to build a clientele for his business. In his book, he offers a comprehensive, step-by-step process to identify, develop and share your personal story, brand story, and how it captures an audience’s attention.

In addition to Maurice sharing how he consistently evolves his personal brand, the book also offers the stories of ten professional international photographers and how they’ve built their brands in a way that it has enabled them to reach their financial goals and live a fulfilled life.

These stories illustrate the importance of aligning your passion for working behind the camera and the business of being a professional photographer. It offers readers a chance to see how successful photographers have built their business by being themselves in order to attract your target audience, to create a life in which you do what you love.

As a result, there is no better time than now to start building your brand.

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