The Perfect Headshot Retouching Workflow

As a headshot photographers there are limitless ways to retouch a headshot. However, consistency is always key for your portfolio. I’ve learned this long ago when I was trying several ways to retouch my work, and it was all different.

Until I came up with The Perfect Headshot Retouching Workflow. Now, I retouch my work in less than 10 minutes per image and so can you!

With this purchase comes:

1. My Photoshop Action, which is easy to follow and gives you consistent results.
2. A video tutorial on how to use it.
3. Bonus video on how to remove glare from glasses in Photoshop.
4. My personal Capture One style for headshots.
5. My personal Capture One style for headshots adapted for Nikon, Sony and NEW Fuji.

I’m sure this will help you retouch more efficiently!



Photoshop in English, all recent versions are good.

Any Capture One version works. Go to Styles, and hit Import in the menu to import the style.

If you know how to open up Photoshop, you’ll be set using this with the accompanying tutorial.

Unfortunately, I do not have a refund policy. All purchases are final.