Episode 09: Richard Waine

In this episode Richard Waine is the guest on the podcast talking about his passion, what he did after moving to another city and developing his personal brand from scratch and how he looks at financials running a photography business with his background as a former Wall Street financial guy. So we’re really talking to the Financial Photographer here. 😉

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Episode 19: Seshu

In this episode I talked with Seshu (“say-shoe”). He has years of experience making serious professionals look their best. He’s the community photographer and kickstarted

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Greg Thomason

Episode 18: Greg Thomason

For Greg Thomason photography remained a hobby he loved, it wasn’t until he became a photographer on a crime scene investigations team that he started

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Heidi Hapanowicz

Episode 17: Heidi Hapanowicz

Heidi Hapanowicz, a New York City based personal branding headshot photographer and visual marketing expert for corporate executives and entrepreneurs who want to sell authentically,

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