The Personal Branding for Photographers Podcast

On a weekly basis Maurice Jager interviews leading photographers about how they've built their personal brand and how they continue their journey to stay on top of their game.

Season 2

Episode 1: Levi Sim

In this 1st episode of season 2 I'm talking with Levi Sim, the helpful photographer.

Episode 2: Joel Grimes

I'm sure you've heard his name before if you're a photographer. Listen to his story about how he became one of the most reputable photographers and how he built and sustained his career in photography for the past 40 years.

Season 1

Episode 1: Vadim Davydov

In this episode Vadim Davydov is on the podcast talking about his personal brand and how we developed a new business out of his insights as a photographer.

Episode 2: Clay Cook

In this episode Clay Cook is a guest on the podcast talking about his personal brand and what he did and does to continuously build his business.

Episode 3: Ben Marcum

In this episode Ben Marcum is on the podcast. He talks about his personal brands and how he combines his headshot work with his prestigious classic art portraiture.

Episode 4: John Murray

In this episode John Murray is on the podcast talking about his personal brand and how he adapted his business to add more value to his clients with just not using the camera.

Episode 5: James van Hees

I talked to James van Hees, a long time photographer who continuously developed new niches throughout his career. In this podcast we talk about how he adapted and he talks us through his career in terms of branding himself.

Episode 6: Trevor Walker

In this episode Trevor Walker is the guest on the podcast talking about his personal brand, his photography and the way he approaches his business as a headshot photography and how he uses his background in recruiting.

Episode 7: John DeMato

In this episode John DeMato is the guest on the podcast talking about his personal brand, his content, and what he did and does to continuously develop and "pivot" (he's going to hate me for using this word) his business.

Episode 8: Ivan Weiss

In this episode Ivan Weiss is the guest on the podcast talking about his personal brand, what he does and doesn't do to get clients in London, UK

Episode 9: Richard Waine

In this episode Richard Waine is the guest on the podcast talking about his passion, what he did after moving to another city and developing his personal brand from scratch and how he looks at financials running a photography business with his background as a former Wall Street financial guy. So we're really talking to the Financial Photographer here. ;-)

Episode 10: Chris Gillett

Chris Gillett joins us in this podcast to talk about how he transitioned from being a successful lawyer into the kickass headshot photographer in Houston, Texas. He also talks about what he learned as a lawyer and how he applies that to his photography business, and why it's important to stay true to your messaging.

Episode 11: Josh Line

In this episode Josh Line is on the podcast talking about his military background, his photography and how he markets to events with out-of-towners people in Las Vegas to take headshots.

Episode 12: Dounia Maakor

In this episode I have Dounia Maakor on the podcast. She teamed up with the marketing department and took the HR world by a storm and is now successful with employer branding and took it to the next level while working in an IT company. She shares what companies look for in personal branding, how she sees it and shares some insights interesting for photographers who want to work with corporate brands.

Episode 13: Erich Saide

In this episode I'm talking with Erich Saide, a long-time professional commercial photographer out of Vancouver, Canada. He talks about his road to becoming a successful commercial and celebrity photographer.

Episode 14: Tony Taafe

In this episode I'm talking with Tony Taafe, an Englishman in Arizona. Tony shares his story of starting his successful headshot business in Scottsdale, AZ and Los Angeles, CA after starting his photography career in photo journalism. Besides running successful photography studios, he's also the Founder of

Episode 15: Peter Hurley

I talked to Peter Hurley, the authority in headshot photography. It's because of him I'm a professional photographer today and do all the things I love doing. We talk about how he put up with me for 7 years, what he did to develop his business and what he does today.

Episode 16: John Glover

John Glover is a full time professional headshot and portrait photographer with more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, John brings a healthy dose of real-world corporate experience and human perspective to each of his photography projects. He is equal parts left and right brain, allowing for an unusually balanced approach to imagery creation.

Episode 17: Heidi Hapanowicz

Heidi Hapanowicz, a New York City based personal branding headshot photographer and visual marketing expert for corporate executives and entrepreneurs who want to sell authentically, up-level their confidence, and inspire trust by helping their customers see the real and relatable person behind the brand.

Episode 18: Greg Thomason

For Greg Thomason photography remained a hobby he loved, it wasn’t until he became a photographer on a crime scene investigations team that he started thinking like a “professional”. He learned respect for other cultures as he traveled the world, and enjoyed teaching others. Naturally, his enjoyment in studying and photographing the human face has carried over to his travels. He enjoys seeking out others and photographing them. The further apart our cultures are, the better. Showing our commonality, while celebrating our differences, is his goal when he's traveling. In this episode he talks about his travels, his work and business

Episode 19: Seshu

In this episode I talked with Seshu ("say-shoe"). He has years of experience making serious professionals look their best. He's the community photographer and kickstarted Connecticut Headshots in 2009 using a simple Twitter campaign. Today, he serves his community with portraits and business people who are serious about their careers and breaking away from the crowd. He lives in Avon, Connecticut (where my portrait studio is) with my wife and two wonderful boys.

Episode 20: Jeku Arce

In this, episode, I’m talking with Jeku Arce, a headshot photographer and co-owner of a digital marketing agency in the area of Washington D.C., U.S.A. He shares how his experience as a nurse helps him build rapport with his headshot clients when they’re in front of his camera.

Episode 21: Emily Teague & Brandi Nicole

In this episode I talk with Emily Teague and Brandi Nicole. They're both Brooklyn, NY based and are actually roommates. Emily shoots fashion, and Brandi is shooting fine-art and self-portraits.

We talk about how their work overlaps, how they inspire each other and what they're doing to build their brand.

Episode 22: Tina Eisen

In the episode I talk with Tina Eisen about how she got started in photography, what she does to establish her esthetic and the importance of social media.

Tina Eisen is an editorial and commercial beauty and fashion photographer based in London, UK. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Tina has worked with clients such as MaxFactor, Sephora, ASOS, Marks & Spencer, and numerous other well-known global brands and magazines. Tina’s Beauty Photography workshops in Europe and North America, her publications and online tutorials are popular amongst a global

Episode 23: Jen Rozenbaum

In this episode I talk with Jen Rozenbaum. Boudoir photographer extraordinaire.

Jen Rozenbaum is a boudoir photographer, but now she also turns the camera on herself to use art therapy as a way to heal from her cancer and to inspire women and men that are going through tough times in life.

Today, she spends her time shooting, teaching, writing, podcasting and working on another movement called Life After Breast Cancer to help women put their lives back together after cancer.

Episode 24: Dylan Patrick

In this episode I talk with Dylan Patrick. He's THE cinematic headshot photographer and hotel / commercial real-estate photographer.

He has been able to use his on-camera training and experience to develop his own unique photographic style.

Episode 25: Sharron Goodyear

In this episode I talk with Sharron Goodyear. She's a personal branding photographer and filmmaker and talks about her work, workflow and business. She talks us through how she combines her photography and coaching to help her clients get what they need to build their personal brand.