Episode 15: Peter Hurley

I talked to Peter Hurley, the authority in headshot photography. It’s because of him I’m a professional photographer today and do all the things I love doing. We talk about how he put up with me for 7 years, what he did to develop his business and what he does today.

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Episode 19: Seshu

In this episode I talked with Seshu (“say-shoe”). He has years of experience making serious professionals look their best. He’s the community photographer and kickstarted

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Greg Thomason

Episode 18: Greg Thomason

For Greg Thomason photography remained a hobby he loved, it wasn’t until he became a photographer on a crime scene investigations team that he started

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Heidi Hapanowicz

Episode 17: Heidi Hapanowicz

Heidi Hapanowicz, a New York City based personal branding headshot photographer and visual marketing expert for corporate executives and entrepreneurs who want to sell authentically,

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